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   general business section will Tips, entrepreneurial risk, the investment need to be cautious. Not only business, but also the need to avoid the risk of joining. Many supermarkets now wants to join the appliances water purifiers, water purifiers although late-coming rookie is a sunrise industry, home appliances. But manufacturers choose to join, while filling many dealers prohibitive, not to act rashly. To analyze the following guidance for everyone from seven aspects.


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   First, the market outlook that consumers desire to buy.

   depends on local consumer awareness of the quality of life and clean water.

   Example: Wang Tao graduated from college, I learned water industry market outlook, borrowing 50,000 with his father, due to limited funds in the town opened a water purifier store, the shop that day, very few customers, only several relatives and friends to patronize, or a sense of obligation to buy a few relatively low-priced drink straight. The original mostly local farmers, although the economic conditions are not bad, but there is no clean water awareness. Spend 5,000 to buy air conditioning, I do not want to spend money to buy a water purifier. Fellow laughed, buy that thing, not a waste of money? Wang Tao dumbfounding, had to shut shop, south to work.

   Second, the brand effect, which is the word of mouth. Good reputation is a prerequisite for customers to choose.

   Example: Yellow proxy appliances much to do for many years, a mature marketing channels, channel partners who have recently required to expand product lines, the multi-study, self development of water purification industry prospects are good. Through the network to find and filter, and water purifier brand signed a cooperation agreement. Investment 500,000 won Agencies. And held the distribution channels of the General Assembly, intended to open regional water purifier market in one fell swoop.

   the opening day of the general effect, Huang did not understand much. Several district residents to visit one by one before we know, this is really bad reputation purifier manufacturers, service procrastination. Rarely solved, even if resolved also dragged on for nearly a month. A household it this way: the customers voice is really feeble, long time do not understand what to say and finally told me that I buy a new one, now plunges the product is not expensive, you say angry people do not

   [? 123] Third, competitiveness, whether there are better than other similar products advantages.

   is a key technology, but consumers generally do not understand professional technical presentations, good after-sales service is a major breakthrough. And this second pointBut why were almost raised, because the need of after-sales support appliance industry than other industries.

   Fourth, the protected area.

   to join regional protection must be guaranteed, otherwise you have to choose a good brand and own the competition.

   Fifth, whether the counterfeit manufacturers often appears such an occasion, a number of fake brand name manufacturers guise to deceive the seller, once encountered such a thing, vendors and suppliers are miserable .

   Example: Paul Wu to stay alcohol and tobacco do business for many years, due to the national policy guidance this year, the tobacco industry to support themselves, plan to change jobs, the multi-study, self-inductance of the water purifier market looks promising, then plan their own tobacco liquor store into a water purifier store, the investigation and a certain brand of water purification equipment signed a distribution contract, intended to form the perfect husband and wife team, the wife shopping guide Kandian part-time, part-time after-sales installation husband. Day merchandise customers will be sent a repair, replacement must be sent to the manufacturer, protection and Wu left a contact head office, telephone simply can not get through. Wu Po want things to stay clear, after all, there are a large number of products sold in the store. Fares do not care, and directly bought a ticket to fly to Shenzhen Corporation, a understanding to know is fake brand-name products, have been confiscated. Wu nothing with, but stores have to continue, then re-order products to genuine factory to replace the product at home. Fortunately, the family of products are not inferior products, internal structure are genuine, but also to restore the reputation of the company will sell Wu and his products are recovered. It can be considered the midst of sadness.

   Six, three products, false propaganda, such a situation after another, so many people hate endless.

   Examples of Liu Feng household appliance business for many years, it was small veins, plans to open stores in KA water purifier area, after careful study, signed a cooperation agreement with the so-called first top ten brands of water purifiers, and to pay the mall margin 50,000, open water purifier brand area. Mall will soon reply: you provide the water purifier brand all qualification certificates and information on suspected fraud, has been removed from the mall local quality inspection agencies on-site, to produce letters, ordered to immediately shut shop to stop selling and recall of products sold!.

   Seven, with the companys official store.

   Example: Wanghan Jun chosen many years ago the water purification industry, cooperation so far with the so-called first top ten brands of water purifiers, it is very lucky to survive, and now, word of mouth by virtue of their serviceWater purifier market in local minor celebrity! This year, a sharp rise in the flow of people shop, but a sharp decline in sales, they are actually optimistic about the product in the store, purchase orders under the companys official website! Companys official online store, the price fell below normal market-oriented, ask you cry or not to cry.

   I hope that the dealer must draw lessons, field trips, into consideration, in order to find the best companies to join.

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