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  Philips, the worlds top 500 enterprises, engaged in technological innovation, and strive to create the most perfect water purification device. In 2014, Philips water purifier for the Chinese-developed water purification water quality characteristics Pierre --WP3887 countertop water purifiers. Philips WP3887 water purifier to protect not only with security through four filters, looks stylish and simple, just like a work of art. It is not hard to understand why this section purifier sought after by consumers.

   for you to create innovative dual filter system

   so-called "dual filtration system", as opposed to the traditional single filtration systems, both in appearance and functionality of products selling point, are more in line with Chinese water quality and Chinese demand for household water purification. Insiders said, "filtration system" includes a pre-filter and precision filter composition, can be very good to improve the structure of traditional water purification systems poor, the filter short life technical defects, leading the current and future trends in the water industry.

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