Water purifier business O2O mode hinded the implementation o
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   The rapid development of the electricity supplier, water purifier enterprises to actively participate road is development. However, due to the special nature of water purification products, companies to integrate into the electricity business trends, online and offline must be coordinated and integrated to serve the competition to win a place in the market. So, O2O model has been fanatical pursuit of water purifier business. However, O2O mode to implement them far harder than it sounds, reallocation of interest to bear the brunt.




water purifier business O2O mode hindered the implementation of the distribution of benefits bear the brunt of the problem (picture from the network)

   O2O companies want to break the traditional mode of multi-channel value chain resistance [ 123]

   water purifier company intended to build O2O mode, bear the brunt of the storm and trouble, that is what interests between enterprises and traditional distributors, terminal stores, store Purchasing Guide redistribution problem. Channel structure of traditional water purification industry, is layers and layers of interests closure proxy mode. O2O mode, it requires companies to establish exclusive stores O2O platform directly to the terminal Mall store to store O2O platform directly to consumers. This mode of operation, completely breaking the tradition of the former channel value chain.

   problem will arise, dealers how to deal with? Whether the terminal stores have an incentive to participate O2O? O2O store Purchasing Guide in the environment, how their sales commission settlement? How conflicts of interest between internal team deal? [123 ]

   four enterprises handle the relationship with stakeholders is the key

   water purifier business interests and the four stakeholder reallocation, will determine O2O model can be implemented smoothly. To sum up, the interests of the dealer level of redistribution and hinder local O2O implemented in the following four aspects:

   O2O model is ultimately disintermediation, the future of the middle of the reseller channel is likely to be reduced. But Chinese companies are basically in a channel is king, and the king O2O is a user, how to solve the problem of the distribution of benefits vendors? O2O dealer can accept it? If you do not accept, how to do business? If accepted, the dealers role how should gradually adjust the

   Once the original channel vendors benefit distribution mechanism was broken O2O mode, will trigger the same as the traditional electricity supplier channels bounce entity -? traditional water purifier companies experienced by product line, division test the water distribution areaAfter the electricity supplier, we have always been faced with the physical channel collective rebound embarrassing situation.

   by a conventional area division is auto, home region a sales distributor. Once spread online, the Internet is regardless of the region, multi-channel together, this time, how to achieve an order of interest divided between the companies, dealers, stores and Purchasing Guide Quartet? Sales line, each whether the dealer area have taken equitably?

   thorny issue of e-commerce is the online price is lower than the price of the line, a strong impact on the interests of dealers, companies can achieve a unified price online and offline? even enterprises want a unified price, but some dealers often want to sell at high prices to make profits, he would not uniform price, how do?

   distribution network and terminal stores, dealers guy to eat. Under O2O mode, water purifier business directly with end stores to the relationship, they may even control the data stores, dealers will worry companies will henceforth control of its stores, its disadvantage. How the company to deal with this contradiction?

   Because of O2O model is in its infancy, not yet mature, how to build a system that requires both experience and technology, more familiar with the need for the traditional channel system, and neither is dispensable not. Therefore, the water purifier business transformation go well this way, not an easy task.

   in order to open O2O mode you must fully understand it, the water purification industry O2O model is in its infancy, there are deficiencies in all aspects, to create enterprises according to their actual situation, and with the online and offline marketing tools take the line under the transaction, so that effective traffic on the platform into offline customers.

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