Open water purifier can joithe National Health Industri Park
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   [water purifier investment network] July 9, the countrys industrial Tourism Alliance inaugural meeting held in Shanghai, open to Health Technology Group Co., Ltd. as the unit was invited to attend the meeting. The next day, as open to Health Industrial Park, one of five study points to usher in a study visit to members of the Union.

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   During the visit, all the alliance members can honor jointly visited the open wall, intelligent video display, automated production plant, water platform roof, roof organic vegetable garden and sewage treatment creeks, etc. Park landmark landscape, explain in detail open to staff, open to understanding the history of the health industrial park, open to experience serious learning model park in the "new industrialization + tourism" joint development.

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   as open to the park management features, full water reuse by the attention of visitors with a negative exhaust system. This water purification system based on multiple biological means of pollution control, pollution control and other technology in one, not only to achieve the parks landscaping and efficient use of resources, also created the score for years to municipal sewage pipe network zero emissions for the local environment governance vacuum booster, unanimously approved by members of the Union.


   near lunch time, staff in the cellar open to prepare for the visit of the luncheon guests, vice president of health Jinfeng open to a brief welcome speech, we gathered, enjoyable, to celebrate the establishment of the National Tourism industry coalition, hope in the future greater development.

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