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   Spring March, warm spring. Volunteer support groups in Shanghai Jinshan Industrial Zone, Long Street Township High School for the county, the center of the small end of the teachers and students sent a deep water purification. Taking advantage of "3.5" learning from Lei Feng Day, they Jinshan District of Shanghai Youth Volunteer Association, elves homes public service agency, social service centers and the Shanghai Youth Development Foundation and other social welfare projects donated by caring people brought Jingdong. Since then, let teachers and students to drink water clean, safe life.

   March 5, the team of volunteers under the leadership of the County Committee, deputy governor of Song Jie, to Long Street Township High School, completed a small center to carry out "our practice, we promote the" spirit of Lei Feng a series of activities. Volunteers personally handling facilities and equipment, with the students to explain the origin of the equipment, function, use, and install equipment to detect water. School organized a "heart to others, willing to help people, to do small Lei Feng" new era "as the theme, to teach children to be grateful to learn to pay, learning to be, learning to do, to be a real-life" living Lei Feng . " What they want from a drop of water conservation, electricity, a food, the Lei Feng spirit used in specific real life.


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