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   in the first half of this year, as the first domestic "Hui beautiful life" Home experience museum landed in Chongqing, the United States became front-loading channel strategy planning and adjustment of the pilots.

   products linked to create intelligent home improvement eco


   the United States to do the whole installation market has a natural advantage, including refining the "wisdom home" concept.

   US "smart home" is located in Chongqing Meikailong tea shop, exhibition of products close to 500 square meters, more than 400 million initial investment. Take the whole museum-style dioramas, the beauty of a full line of modular division. HVAC system consisting of a central air-conditioning; environmental electrical system from the central water purification, consisting of fresh air; smoke from the stove, oven, dishwasher composed of kitchen electrical system; and by the intelligent lock, intelligent monitoring, intelligent speakers, intelligent intelligent system consisting of television. As can be seen, the US home improvement museum covers the complete home improvement.

   open the wisdom of home improvement is a smart lock. Traditional home appliances


   US central air conditioning, head of the retail market in Chongqing Fan Lianbo first show is not known for beauty, but a real intelligent lock.

   "Smart Lock become the biggest bright spot on the market this year, but many can be seen on the market just lock smart lock, smart and not many stores take display style, consumers can not perceive the practical effects of the product. We do experience store certain about the experience and intelligence to make a fuss, nearly 500 square meters of the product display area completely done real experience, the product can touch, see and be aware. "Fan Lianbo live demonstration open the way US intelligence locks and various IWF, is unique in that, the United States of intelligent lock and intelligent camera support, both to achieve a network linkage.

   The core of the US smart lock that reflect on the convenience and safety, for example, to achieve remote control, and set up a temporary password to open the door, unlock camera to be launched at the same time, can be directly monitored by the mobile phone APP. "Smart Lock in the store sales are very good, but most of them are equipped with cameras of joint sales, simply because did real experience." Van Lianbo told reporters, intelligent lock is also "beautiful Hui life," the first lock.

   After a smart lock the Road "off", into the living room space is controlled by US intelligence speakers. After the network issued a password to the "Little America" 鈥嬧€媠peaker, canVoice control curtains, television, and a series of networked lighting products. Intelligent product actually attracted a large number of young consumers, and this is a very important strategic transformation of the United States, the brand that is young, and young core is younger consumer groups. "Hui beautiful life" is also through intelligent attract more younger age groups, especially the focus on the middle class consumer group.

   experience in the kitchen area, smart home kitchen as a whole provided excessive smoke and carbon dioxide alarms and other equally intelligent rendering. Embedded in the kitchen museum exhibition, the reporter saw the refrigerator stocked with a variety of spices with wood. Fan Lianbo explained that this is part of real experience, within 40 square meters of space built-in kitchens, in addition to being invited customers baking, tasting, etc. Experience Center, has become a retail store to other home building materials brands of staff birthday party, brand activities specified site. Fridge physical material is used for on-site bakery and production, to maximize the utility of space to play.


   parties pushed wear market development

   before advancing the entire central air museum and the "key" in the Chongqing market were very strong. Year, the US central air-conditioning the first implementation of full-frequency central air-conditioning in the retail market in Chongqing, and the inside and outside are full DC. Environmental protection, energy saving, noise reduction, especially for home central air conditioning in terms of noise reduction has become the users pain points, DC inverter applications can be a good solution to this problem. Products authorized users, it is a very important reason for the market development and sales to be promoted.

   in fact it is the first intelligent air conditioning products to household hang up, for example, the United States launched a childrens room with a camera function for air conditioning. Children play quilt sleep easy, once the camera is detected, the air-conditioning temperature is automatically adjusted to a more suitable degree, to prevent exposure to cold.

   can be seen, "Hui beautiful life" is a small eco beauty brand itself, all products from the "beauty line." Although the product portfolio, including unified brand today is not difficult, but because US endorsement of the brand and brand effect, "Hui beautiful life" it has the basic survival and development of soil.

   selection is very important, because as a pioneer, not only needs to establish a benchmark in the local market, but also attracted the attention of national concern businesses. Years of operation in order to let the appliance business started in Asahi BranchChongqing has accumulated a large number of local resources. Although in the past also the traditional channels and business-oriented, but in changes in the market environment, Xu Branch Trading rhythm and appearance is also bound to change as well. To this end, a special pull out troops set up a new company called APL, the operator of home improvement retail business alone by partner Chen Zhi Jun personally Trader formation of the team.

   team is the foundation of all the

   Since Chongqing as the countrys first experience store, carrying a model and benchmark for the role, we must go ahead in all respects. To this end, local agents deployed the companys most crucial pre-elite group. At present, the entire store operations team of 15 people, of which two-thirds of the sales staff, after four months of market operations, the amount of the signing of the stores exceeded one million. But from a development perspective, this amount has not reached the expected vendors. "15 million is our goal this year of security at the end, in fact, the figure of wisdom for the home improvement store experience, from the input and output ratio is a balance can only count up numbers. From the perspective of development and expected, at least in the amount of signing to achieve 25 million, then sprint 30 million, and we expect is the ideal number. for agents concerned, but also to reach the ideal state of input and output. "Fan said Lianbo area by area restrictions, Chongqing HVAC market competition is fierce, whether manufacturers or merchants, are looking for new profit growth point scale and, fortunately, the United States relies on brand and good market base in the past, the early experience of operating in good condition Pavilion. And the store to achieve sales goals billion, not only to experience the depth of the shop to do the product, but also to make the speed of Tinto shop, and ultimately achieve economies of scale. The beauty of the market portfolio played together, provide the possibility for all of this.

   Finally, and most importantly, home improvement museum and realized once again front and block the terminal.

   consumer buying behavior has a very big change, people are extremely concerned about the cost of time, especially in the procurement of home improvement, the whole house appliances integrated to achieve the integration of front-loading and subsequent all home appliances chain. To meet the one-stop shopping model in the home improvement sector. The United States also has a full line of natural advantage, because in the domestic market, and can be comparable in its product line breadth and depth photogenic brand is not much. With central air conditioning cut, also led to fresh air, clean water sales linkage, electric kitchen and a range of related products. Integration of products and models from user needs andConsumer behavior starting to get positive feedback from the market.


   marketing initiative to strengthen sustainable development and ability to resist risks

   In fact, all of the terminal stores, are faced with the common problem of churn, active marketing is industry mentioned. Fan Lianbo told reporters, active marketing is not new in the field of building materials, home improvement and the United States museum, will also be more inclined to locate their building materials, such positioning depends largely on the way they operate.

   active marketing of building materials in the field of very early, which is determined by the product characteristics. Central air conditioning is at the forefront of home improvement products, so in the field of HVAC, community promotion, building alliances, will bargain, Home Expo, property linkage, designer channels so start very early. After a series of attempts passes, it is the most effective and direct contact with the end-user, low cost and high efficiency. This is the fundamental years of development of HVAC building materials.

   "Hui beautiful life" stores with a sales team of 10 people, all from the companys strength agents go-getters. For active marketing approach, a method learned a mature model, coupled with brand endorsement and personally led President Chen has become an important way to store drainage. In fact, this also broke the past, the traditional home appliances "and other off-site" short board, the real "go out", sales to "catch up." The store team configuration about 15 people, the future of the new staff will also be sold for the main functions. After all, it is easy to shop hard to keep the store, sales are to survive the first major event, then is the development, sustainable development and large-scale development.

   The museum is located in Chongqing Tea Garden District, the surrounding construction is advancing, so now is an incremental market, in addition to other than expected this year, the whole house home improvement home appliances integrated model will spread a large area in Chongqing open. In addition to the Redstar nearly 500 square meters of shop benchmark, five other area of 鈥嬧€媋bout 300 square meters of "beautiful life wisdom" big stores are also being planned and expected to open in late all. And more urban operations stores and home improvement stores have also been incorporated into the development plans, for example, an area of 鈥嬧€媋bout 200 square meters of urban operations experience planning to open 20 stores; and an area of 鈥嬧€媋bout 150 square meter home improvement store experience to open the number expected to be around 30 . This is more than 60 "Hui beautiful life" experience store will be the completion of radiation throughout the home improvement market in Chongqing, is also an important part of large-scale development.

   In the early start, contradictions and shortcomings also exposed, such as the requirements of the overall quality of staff. Compared to the previous single product, product sales for the full range of requirements of higher personnel, especially the central air conditioning and fresh air like semi-finished products (involving secondary installation) products, more professional. Includes equalization of resources invested in each category on the plate, is the need to balance and measure nodes. High-quality compound talents training takes time, and can do right now is to train personnel and to professional development, narrowing the scope of knowledge, everyone proficient in two or three categories, and then extend.

   At the same time, it is worth noting that the impact hardcover housing market for zero-install market. Although this effect has not been particularly revealing in Chongqing, but with the release and strengthen the national policy to promote the hardcover housing market is bound to erode zero loading. It is well worth a warning and think about trends. Perhaps the product up, targeting villas customer base, as well as replacement of second-hand housing market, is a way out and try, after all, anti-risk capability and capacity for sustainable development is equally important.

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