The new technology reduces the cost of recycling wastwater _
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  The new technology reduces the cost of waste water recycling: Tim net water purification Views: 745 Published: 2015-12-2 10:47:55 鏂版妧鏈檷浣庡簾姘村惊鐜埄鐢ㄦ垚鏈? align= According to Tim net water purifier - Household water purification equipment Xiao Bian learned: at home and abroad many research institutes and investment institutions wastewater using technology developed and launched, the process is: wastewater - pretreatment - biological treatment - membrane processing - multi-effect evaporation - crystallization from - reuse. But the cost of wastewater reuse is very high, the cost of wastewater treatment varies from tens of dollars per ton, as many as several hundred dollars per ton, the cost of processing facilities is not high to a friend, ranging from tens of millions, as many as several hundred million dollars . Recently, wastewater treatment technology used by the circulation of a water treatment company Handan research and development, its working principle is the city with water, after treatment of industrial waste water as make-up water for industrial cooling water through cooling water system of dosing treatment, the recycled water does equipment fouling, corrosion, no waste water. This new technology breakthroughs domestic "industrial cooling water treatment design" and "recycled water for industrial use of water sources standard" requirement, allows all wastewater resource utilization, more secure, reliable and savings. And after the company proved that now the cost of circulating water system consumes only thirty-four yuan per ton, more affordable than buying tap water. Now the companys water treatment waste water recycling water treatment technology has been extended to more provinces. Currently there are nearly 25 companies using waste water recycling water treatment technology, water-saving environmental protection and significant economic benefits, these 25 companies involved in metallurgy, pharmaceutical, coking, thermal power and other industries.

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