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  Shenzhen Environmental author of "stinky" notorious name: Tim net water purification Views: 647 Published: 2016-1-16 15:16:39 Shenzhen as Chinas first special economic zone of reform and opening up, Chinas economy can be described as the window is to have internationally recognized influential metropolis, "Shenzhen speed", "design", "piano City", "maker culture city" reputation plus body. Obviously, Shenzhen has the aura must have sacrificed a lot of environmental resources, is now in Shenzhen, we can have an impression: "smelly" were impeccable. Shenzhen Blackwater Xiushui more than can be said surprisingly, the citys total of 310 rivers, of which 133 black-odor water body, according to the Department of Housing and job requirements, built-up area approved black-odor water body 36. Nearly half of the river has become a stink pollution pool. Why such a harsh environment pollution will occur? To the present, why the situation has not improved? Tim net water purifier for your deep Grilled reasons. First, drainage facilities are not synchronized Shenzhen illegally built area of 鈥嬧€媙early half of the total floor area of 鈥嬧€媔llegal construction is unable to obtain complete drainage facilities. The lack of convergence Shenzhen Development, Construction and drainage facilities construction, heavy on the ground, underground light. Shenzhen part of Area drainage facilities behind the development of the project, while the project is completed, the sewage can not find a way out. Construction of rail transit and other municipal drainage management is not in place, the original drainage system is damaged, added a lot of waterlogging water points. Second, the flood control planning immature lot Shenzhen wastewater collection and treatment facilities, but overall it sucks, just like fighting a battle, shrewd generals led 100 people can kill 1,000 people stupid generals led. Many drainage network, drainage network of the main building but not the same, and coordination between Shenzhen water supply, transportation and other sectors is not very good convergence. Drainage network construction over-reliance on road network, road network and land acquisition and other affected when the impact can not be implemented, the drainage system often fails. Third, collect rainwater and sewage are not synchronized Shenzhen rain and sewage collection systems did not proceed with the planned rain and sewage diversion system and the actual mixed rain and sewage system coexist. Sewage treatment system by pure design and construction of sewage, rain water during the rainy season caused by the impact of treatment failure or inefficient. Fourth, the lack of supervision of law enforcement, lack of supervision, lack of means, lack of authority, the citys water environmental monitoring almost anything missing. This leads to waste-water treatment of industrial waste water, sludge wastewater treatment, flood control facilities spaceOccupation, the river is covered, the impact of urban stormwater management. Tim net water purification agents seem to feel, Shenzhen prosperity at the expense of the environment in exchange for this, did not imagine so beautiful, a city of sustainable development, the environment carrying capacity is also strong, Shenzhen is willing to always maintain this prosperity strong.

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