Water temperature increases lead to algae blooms, Hanju Min
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  Water temperature increases lead to algae blooms, Hanju Min test of water by: Tim net water purification Views: 607 Published: 2016-8-19 11:05:52 Tim net water purifier water softener due to rising water temperatures in summer, Korea part of the river infested with algae . Algal blooms, bloom gradually spread to the Nakdong River, Yeongsan, Jinjiang area waters. The South Korean government has released algae warning on these waters. Recently even reaches of Hanjiang River are a large number of floating green algae. With the continued spread of green algae water supply system through several stages of disinfection, after purification, tap water is safe to drink cited concern about the possibility of the parties. Bloom phenomenon is most serious in South Korea, Southeast area of 鈥嬧€?0 million people drinking water source - Nakdong River area. It reported that the water temperature increases coupled with short turn on the water upstream of the dam, is the main cause algae near the Nakdong River water rapidly increasing. To prevent water flowing into the field of green algae and water treatment plants Nakdong River basin, the Korean government set up isolation membrane and aeration facilities in the water, still water near the mouth of the recent installation of sprinklers. In addition, to reduce the generation of harmful substances during the purification, the activated carbon filter will be treated with ozone. Because green algae plant contains toxic substances can induce liver disease microcystin, so deal with water purification process of strict supervision. Busan Water Headquarters said the water purification process has been eliminated toxic substances, so the quality of drinking water there is no problem. A professor of Environmental Engineering Department of Korea pointed out that the more extensive use of disinfectant, water purified disinfectant residues use more. Not only by improving the Nakdong River water purification treatment, only a lot of drainage in order to reduce the flow speed algae.

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