Notice on improved credit rating industry relat work
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   business credit file and credit rating is the companys "economic identity" will help improve the credibility and visibility, promote enterprise investment, bidding, marketing financing credit and other economic activities in the success rate and reduce the cost of cooperation, improve the efficiency of cooperation; higher credit rating also enterprises to obtain loans from financial institutions and access to capital markets "pass" a direct impact on financing and financing costs; enterprise an important basis for the national credit rating or government and industry departments at all levels to implement the regulatory classification of good credit rating is an important prerequisite for enterprises to enjoy preferential policies, subsidies and financial incentives appraised.

   According to the Ministry of Commerce issued credit Office, SASAC industry association Chamber of Commerce Bureau "on improving the credit rating industry related to notice" (Business Credit word [2017] No. 1) documentation requirements, from now I will carry out the national water environment corporate credit rating, establish credit files and credit rating for the water environment industry enterprises, strengthen support for the work of good corporate credit rating, after review, publicity qualified enterprises, set up by the Association awarded the "corporate credit rating AAA grade credit enterprise." At the same time I will get the Association AAA credit rating companies in the National Quality Award, corporate integrity, standards, quality assessment, quality certification, secured loans, capital subsidies, government incentives, government procurement, technological innovation, technical cooperation, product import and export , investment, bidding, land-use, high-tech enterprises, the introduction of talent, brand building, intellectual property and environmental standards, etc. to give recommendation, promotion and publicity, and jointly promote the healthy and orderly development of water environment, please relevant enterprises to actively participate.

   China Association for Quality Inspection

   April 9, 2018




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