3 strokes teach you to get -water purifier-
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   you are still in the selection purifier worry, Xiao Bian teach you three strokes to get "water purifier."

   1, Acknowledge "purifier", but not the technology, nor the pit.

   2, how to choose their own water purifier.

   3, how to save money online shopping purifier.

   learned three strokes, afraid to buy water purifiers do not

   The first one:? Correct understanding of "water purifier": major say 3:00, 3:00 remember this I believe you do not understand technology, but also can not be garbage "water purifier" pit.

   a: water purifier filter, the better

   The most important is the number of water purifier filter, the filter is, the better it, the number is not important, is the quality? king. Some low-cost water purifier market is very cheap, filter and great, but substandard quality filter, or the bottom of the filter technology, how the filter is useless. So you must not watch the quality of a water purifier from the number of cartridges.

   Two: water purifier does not require frequent replacement of the filter element

   In fact, the clogging of the filter is a good filter, which also shows a water purifier really works?. The market claiming filter 3-5 years without change, often exaggerated. Do not over-pursuit of low-cost water purifier, in general, the high price effect will be relatively better In addition, high-quality life of the filter and the net amount of water will be better, prices will go up.

   three: water purifier brand does not matter

   water purifier not disposable consumer goods, it needs good service in the installation and use, if we just did not find a known brand? , service can not keep up, then your future will be a lot of trouble, so be sure to choose a professional famous water purifier manufacturers.

   The second measure the following to say: how to choose their own "water purifier"

   private mechanic exclusive product selection Cheats: + scenario for their budget = "water purifier"

   What are the scenarios that you use "water purifier scene" we have to consider these questions:?

   1, I want vegetables with water purifier it or drink it straight? ? this involves selected high filtration machine also buy water machine.

   2, I do not choose to double the water it?

   3, I want to installWhere, to choose what kind of installation?

   4. How many people with me, is how much storage to use and so on. . . . . .

   The third measure is: how to save money online shopping purifier. Save money here means that private mechanic to give you the rebate, the first note, the rebate is how come.

   1, private mechanic to rebate the workers come from?

   workers by "workers mall" to Taobao, Jingdong Mall shopping, a private mechanic will get, Taobao, Jingdong Mall paid advertising (because private businesses or mechanic Taobao Jingdong Mall, offers precise flow, after the completion of customer orders, such as Taobao, or Jingdong Mall will pay private technicians commission). Private mechanic after receiving commissions, advertising expenses as a rebate, returned to the workers.

   2, "workers mall" in commodity rebates how much.

   There are two cases, home appliances private goods mechanic rebate will be more, non-household appliances rebates and other sites on the same subject.

   1, home appliance goods: home appliances because private mechanic focused, precise flow can bring for businesses, so businesses will give the private mechanic "high commissions," rebate to private mechanic workers will naturally be more.

   2, non-household appliances goods: Taobao, Lynx, Jingdong Mall (now cooperate mall over 400) of more than 90% of goods are rebates, but non appliances commodities, private mechanic there is no " high commissions ", and other similar rebate rebate websites.

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