[Analysis] Tian net residual chlorine in tap water, what har
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  [Analysis] Tian net residual chlorine in tap water, what harm? Author: Tim net water purification Views: 340 Published: 2018-9-27 16:36:58 now mostly municipal tap water with chlorine filter, but filtered water contains a lot of chlorine, free chlorine great harm, there is residual chlorine for drinking water dangerous to life argument is not an exaggeration. Of course, the water purifier can filter out the chlorine in the water. Refers to a chlorine water after chlorination, some time after the contact, leaving the remainder of the chlorine in water. The short answer is appreciated that cast into the water as long as the chlorine, a certain time after exposure, the water remaining in the remainder of free chlorine and combined chlorine in general. Refers to the chlorine into the water, in addition to a portion of the chlorine content of the water consumption and the role of bacteria, microbes, organics, inorganics, etc., but also a part of the remaining amount of chlorine, the chlorine content of this part is called chlorine. Then the residual chlorine in the end what is the harm to the human body do? If the chlorine content in water exceeded, then the main hazards are: 1, easy to react with organic matter in water to produce chloroform and other carcinogens. 2, a strong irritant of the respiratory system damage. 3, causing damage to skin cells and between cells quality, easy to cause dry skin, chapped, pimples, acne, aging, or palm keratosis, nail thinning and other changes. 4, as a raw material, it is possible to play a bad role, as with its production of wine products, has bactericidal action of yeast fermentation part, affect wine quality.

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