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   March 26, China International Building Trade Fair (Construction Fair) opened in Shanghai. Philips to bring healthy water solutions at four Health, announced the official to enter the home improvement market.

   a one-stop solution for whole-house water healthy lead healthy new trend

   In recent years, water purification home appliances market ushered in multi-category trends, past a single product sales model is under attack, many traditional manufacturers encounter challenge.




鈻?scene distributed by Philips healthy water

   as a 128-year history, a leader in the field of health science and technology internationally renowned brands, Philips virtue of the inherent advantages of manufacturing, operations management, quality and reputation, etc., integrated water purification core technology for many years, one-stop solution for whole-house water health, water purification product line ever extended from a single product to clean water , hot water, heating and bathroom were four categories for consumers new water healthy living.

   provides more options

   a new era of retail, consumers seeking more matching products and a better user experience for users to reduce the cost of upgrading products. Philips water health focusing on the customer and market development, and invested heavily in research and resolve problems. Such as the construction of Bo, Philips show full-house water purification solutions not only fully protect the health of consumers of drinking water quality, but also purify water of life, so that people in life, whether for drinking or washing are more healthy and comfortable.



鈻?Philips prefilter



鈻?Philips central water purifier and water softener

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   鈻?Philips commercial water purification




   鈻?Philips kettle net



   鈻?Philips water purifier, net drink machine


   Philips live demonstration of reverse osmosis water purification equipment under section filter upgrade kitchen All-in-one, heavy metal removal rates up to 99% compared with the first generation 400G Philips product, all-composite filter, the cost savings for the core 557 yuan / year. Meanwhile, for the countryWithin the drinking habits of consumers, Philips also introduced a series of new net drink machine with RFID smart identification and UV sterilization, allowing users to truly feel at ease. Which same net drink machine new all-composite filter, reverse osmosis and Philips first-generation products, compared, the cost savings for the core 420 / years.


   鈻?Philips Box RO water purifier



   鈻?Philips purification showerhead

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鈻?Philips faucet water purifier


In addition, Philips whole house water purification health solutions also made a new upgrade, launch that product heat, three seconds fast heat, multi-speed water , health hot drinks without waiting.

   bathing and heating water purification blessing while meeting quality of life

   with the field also show Philips healthy hot water solutions, including gas water heaters and electric water heaters new series, a series of safe and comfortable, not only with there are currently mainstream function of the market, Philips also has a water filtration technology protection, users can enjoy a fresh water bath key.


鈻?mounted water purification technology of Philips gas heater




鈻?heaters mounted water purification technology of Philips [123 ]

   the new gas water heater of the embodiment mounted Philips water filtration technology, has a unique 3 + 3 security system, equipped with intelligent control APP, wherein the "zero cold water" series provides the user with a tap opened, hot water that is, to high-quality bathing experience. The new electric water heater also equipped with Philips water filtration technology, with a unique 3 + 5 Security systems, 3D intelligent maintenance systems and thermal liner Express technology, to provide users with more security than the security of the quality of the water heater.


   In order to meet the daily demand for heating and bathing stop, Philips heating Health Solutions also launched a new series of wall-hung boilers, allowing users to share warm and comfortable and convenient living.

   filter every drop of clean water rinse true

   on the Philips booth healthy water, bursting with popularity but also the number of sanitary health solutions booth. Philips equipped with a smart toilet water purification technology, and wash the filter every drop of water, to provide users with a true clean water rinse. The pottyAlso with hidden water tank design, easier to match different users decor, merchants have come to experience chanted "very beautiful." Injection intelligent core technology with automatic key and a deodorant heater, i.e. heat, humanized dual nozzle configuration and other functions, to provide users with a more comfortable, more hygienic, and more intimate bathroom experience.


鈻?equipped with smart Philips toilet water purification technology

   Technology Things wisdom to enjoy the water of life


   The Philips booth healthy water to simple, stylish, atmospheric style debut construction Fair. Booth design has a neat sense of simple lines, to be distinctive brand colors, domineering full, high-definition of discrimination brought to the scene and abroad.

   connected to the blue and natural water, clean water is the dominant color category Philips has been used, giving a fresh, clean feeling; dynamic orange, passion showing up with hot and food products characteristic Xiangde Ying Chang; representatives of the bathroom category Aqua color, reminiscent of crystal clear shallow water, peace and tranquility, you can take away all the troubles.


鈻?Philips healthy water booth full view

   brilliant color combinations, providing a modern full experience of space for on-site merchants. Philips healthy water live demonstration of new smart new products, so that the user can feel the implantation of a key product itself wisdom of science and technology, without additional operations. Meanwhile, Philips also showed healthy water APP newly released smart, modern technology allows users to experience outside of the basic definition of intelligence.


   the layout of the home improvement market to seize the high ground of home health

   the face of a new development model of consumer upgrades and new retail, domestic home improvement industry has entered the era of comprehensive reform. Philips healthy water will be fully upgraded product line, to build different channels, using its own resources ahead of the layout of the home improvement market, to seize the commanding heights of the home health field.

   in the product line layout, the Philips deep water purification health field, expanded from the previous focus single category to multiple categories to a healthy lifestyle product line planning, the whole house is defined in different areas of wading solutions, all orientation to provide users with high-quality water life.



鈻?understanding Philips site merchantsPu water health products

   In the channel construction, water, health and nature Philips home and other large home platform cooperation, combining the strengths and resources to achieve the exchange, to take advantage of all parties, home improvement and strive in the whole value chain channels shaping force, the layout of the new eco-home health.




鈻?discuss scene

   The construction of Bo, the scene of merchants can be seen in the water as Philips bearer health field, Philips water health water, hot water, heating and sanitary solutions for four major health publication, representatives entered the home improvement market. This Philips water health initiative to embrace industry changes, the core scientific and technological progress driven brand once again paid off.


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