The timely replacement of filter maintenance war purificoup
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   water purifier has become a very high utilization of kitchen appliances, the water purifier purify water, filter out the harmful substances in water, after drinking more healthy for the body. However, if the water purifier maintenance method is not correct, water purification effect will be greatly reduced, or even cause secondary pollution.

   Therefore, to remind the industry, filters also require regular maintenance, filter water purifier needs to be replaced regularly, so as to fully guarantee the purifying effect of water purifier. In addition, the maintenance of good water purifier, not only can effectively reduce the cost, but also to enjoy a better life clean water.

   in time to replace the filter

   on the water purifier filter life cycle, should be strictly enforced regularly changing standards and specifications of the late filter maintenance services. In general, the first pre-precipitation channel filter replacement cycle of 3 months, the second front track granular activated carbon filter, a fourth rear passage and a fifth channel activated carbon filter particles tcr activated carbon filter 6 months replacement.

   The life time per pass filter and a water purifier using different length of the filter should be replaced periodically, cleaning, maintenance purifier. When purchasing a water purifier, you can inquire about each track filter usage time, need to be replaced promptly when the sale contact can be.

   leak Do not panic

   When they find a home water purifier water leakage, do not panic, close the inlet valve, and then call the after-sales over for processing.

   away from direct sunlight regardless of the water treatment machines

   use should pay attention to avoid direct sunlight, because sunlight will breed blue algae. Be sure to properly protect against water purifier, try to install water purification machines to the shade. If you must be on a balcony or might be exposed to direct sunlight.

   Cleaning water purifier correct

   Cleaning water purifier can generally choose backwash, home water purifier periodically flushed based on usage. Overnight use water purifier, when the next day the first use should be flushed when traveling or out, should close the inlet valve, rinse them before use at home.

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