Note Shu install water purifiers before, what preparion need
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  Note Shu install water purifiers before, what preparation needs to be done? Time: 2017-07-18 10:15:59 water purification products is becoming an essential home appliance. Unfortunately, because many families are not ready to install water purification facilities ahead of time, lead to the installation of water purification products, or barely installed, but affects the overall appearance, leaving many regrets. Of water purification products are not particularly aware of, you begin the installation, the situation can not be installed to appear. Today smallll tell you about, what preparatory work needs to be done before installing a water purifier. 1, the receptacle for the reserve water purification products, in addition to the pre-purifier, ultrafiltration water purifiers, other products (RO reverse osmosis water machine end, central water, central water softener, etc.) require electricity, so, aside socket it is necessary. Socket outlet 10A can use the normal. About placeholders, according to the various space conditions, can be considered free (however, we must take into account the convenience issue water and wastewater emissions), under normal circumstances, can stay underneath the kitchen sink. For large central water, central water softener, because requires a relatively large installation space, it can be designed and installed in accordance with the spatial position of the structure of the room, matching corresponding receptacle. 2, water purification equipment walkthroughs need to pre-line the main exhaust line of a central water softener, soft water is mainly used as wash, bathing, washing clothes and protective devices to warm, but not suitable for drinking directly, therefore, keep drinking waterways separate wiring. After the municipal tap water enters, after the central water purification treatment, it is divided into two, all the way to the kitchen for a drink, all the way through the central water softener, to reach the bathroom, washing machine, for practical life. Of course, also increase a loop, so that living water can freely switch between soft water and water purification. 3-space water purification equipment depending on the type, brand, size is relatively large difference, so in fitting the best intentions to have a product, depending on the product to determine the installation space is large enough. Otherwise, all other things are good decoration, go buy a water purifier, it is the only available space to select the right size of the product, so room for alternative water purification products will be greatly limited, if we can the selection of the appropriate size pretty good, a lot of family eventually lead to the installation, renovation and even removal of the original structure, re-layout. So costly and time-consuming. 4, set aside to drain almost all of the water purification equipment are required discharge of wastewater, therefore, where the waste water discharged has become necessary to install water purification equipmentOne problem to consider. If it is underneath the kitchen sink, you can sink sewer discharge wastewater, must be arranged in advance water drain, floor drain is only one form, but also emissions of other ways, as long as the smooth discharge of waste water on it. Many families, because there is no preparation for this, it can only be a bucket to pick waste water, then drained, cumbersome, not beautiful. Even home water purifier program is not installed temporarily, in the decoration, should also be prepared in this regard, if not prepared in advance, think later when installed, will generate a lot of unnecessary trouble.

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