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  Recently, according to media reports, my countrys first national drinking water quality for teenagers mandatory standard "schools drinking water health standards" has been reviewed by two experts will soon conduct a third and final review. Once adopted, schools drinking water standards will be increased dramatically, with world-class round butt. 涓皬瀛︾洿楗按鏍囧噯鍑哄彴 鍔犲揩鎺ㄥ姩鍑€姘磋涓氬彂灞? width=

   The news came out, the community is healthy adolescent drinking problems, talking again. Although China promulgated in 2007 implemented a new national standards for drinking water, the detection index increased from 35-106, but the process is limited by the design part of the water plant is still relatively backward, the ability to complete the new standard 106 index full detection the number of water plant is not much. Even now, according to authoritative statistics of the Ministry of Housing and Urban given show: according to the new national standard detection, water compliance rate of only 83%, there are still 17% of the water factory can not be reached.

   During the primary and secondary schools is the critical period of youth growth and development, the moisture content in the body is also higher than adults. Participate in the drafting of "primary and secondary schools drinking water health standards" of Nanjing University geography professor at School of Science and Engineering, Dong Ping believe that young students are more sensitive to pollutants in water, "the new national standard, although a lot of progress, but subject to various conditions limit, the water quality in some places still does not provide for young people to drink. especially in some economically underdeveloped areas, student drinking water is still a security risk. "

   the health of primary and secondary schools adolescent drinking water, also attracted a large number of countries ministries attention. In 2011, China Soong Ching Ling Foundation and the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology, the Ministry of Health and other twelve ministries implement the "National Adolescent Health drinking water projects", the first in the country to promote the campus drinking water project. In 5 years time, the public project has benefited more than 1,000 primary and secondary schools, so that more than two million students to drink healthy drinking water. Many of whom are children of many water-scarce areas of central and western Xinjiang, Qinghai, Gansu and Inner Mongolia.

   However, the protection of drinking water adolescent health public service alone is not enough power. While governments at all levels and departments in charge of education young people are increasingly aware of the importance of safe drinking water, but primary and secondary schools to promote the campus drinking water is still faced with many constraints in terms of funding, policy, health norms. What kind of water to be able to drink directly? How to standardize the implementation of drinking water project? How to coordinate funding costsThe arrangement? And so on, these questions are still no clear specification can be implemented by reference.

   Many experts recommend expedite the implementation of "primary and secondary schools drinking water health standards" The introduction of uniform national standards to regulate boot from the level that young students have healthy drinking water standard to follow, scientific advance. In the social sphere, mobilize the community to jointly create attention, care, caring atmosphere for young students of the health problems of drinking water, drinking water and create a better environment for the healthy growth of young students, it is a more long-term goals.

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