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  Selling water purifier always say tap water is not clean and the water company never refute why? http: //www.js.hc360.com2020骞?at 10:01 on June 3 Source: Quick News T


   HC Network my home water purifier for decades safe to drink tap water, only tap water is qualified. Never pursue a variety of water purifiers, water purifiers is not regularly cleaned, water is more dirty, and water separator through a water purifier, and some of the others also will separate out the components do not say, consumption of a variety of water purifiers the body is not good.

   a pair of high educated couples, in order to give the child to create a good environment, nutrition, from birth at home are all pure water, 7-year-old childs intellect and almost 3-year-old child, went to a lot of places can not find anything wrong Finally, an old experts to identify the problems, and has been highly pure drinking water, water to the human body will absorb trace elements in the body, a long time a serious lack of trace elements, water is a carrier, it will take too clean body element.


   a decade ago, Changsha tap water will make thermos scaling, and now basically not scaling, water well, water pipes now largely been replaced again, water pipes caused pollution is difficult to get a view, basically only road Waduan water pipe caused after exposure, when the repair just turn on the tap, water will be yellow, twenty years ago, the old pipes will rust after a night just turn on the tap out of the water was black or yellow, new plumbing basically will not have this problem.

   Water quality is not the same everywhere, and also produce pollution, water is generally not recommended when drinking directly piped. Install water purifier is good, especially reverse osmosis water purifier, as the lack of clean water and minerals obtained from other foods.

   simply tap water is not ignorant of what is qualified, whether you are talking about the first water company is a municipal water companies, water from the tap water factory are qualified, through multi-channel inspection process, when the pipeline is transferred to secondary when there is not a water pipe may be contaminated, the article mentioned without water runoff after deterioration, generally speaking is a high-rise building water car water supply, the water supply has been abolished in this way, to be modified, Beijing many cells are self-powered water supply wells, not water company water supply, as well as some rural houses through a water supply pipe and so is not tap water. Beijing Jianguo seventy years is not all tap water, it can be thought of a country.

   stopAfter the water is dirty water pipe problem, a former iron pipe, here we are now new materials, and water quality as before and without water. And it has purified tap water itself, and not harmful to humans, not the effect of such a thing countries.

   diseases of affluence that comes out to see a lot of rich people pay more attention to the quality of life, but do not know all slowly strangle their health, drink up a glass of water does not filter the water tastes better, I do not know which of the missing after filtration of trace elements are not, people know how to fine chemicals. Now many people are excess nutrients (see meat and fish every day, how much to eat but eat) too will feel hungry again causing malnutrition, just bread and water do not pay attention to whos very good health.

   directly to boil water, white kettle first scale, has a white surface float, followed by an indescribable taste, with the water of the water purifier clean kettle, the water did not smell Therefore the role of my heart feel at ease with the water purifier.

   White scale not tap water impurities Oh he form of ions present in the water naturally, that the white mineral water. Because you keep evaporating evaporation evaporation, these minerals will be deposited at the bottom. We generally say that heavy metal impurities, ah, ah sediment, rust ah, parasites, bacteria or something, these things are the water purifier filtration. If you do not want to scale, need to use reverse osmosis water purifiers, mineral water they can also filter out.

   First, water is certainly no problem, I know some of the water did not pretend to be leaders in their home water purifier, they say it is more stringent water, but why do you want to install water purifier, a pipeline is a long time not clean especially iron pipes are also some places, long time rust rot that led to substandard water quality, there is a long time without cleaning the pipe leading to deterioration of water quality, then there is the water temperature scale, so the family is still necessary to install water purification and a summer kitchen BARS drink to drink, boil water usually does not scale.

   generate fouling, because the water containing limestone, through alternating hot and cold generated. Our company is doing cleaning equipment, physical cleaning, mounted on a metal pipe, cleaning by electromagnetic waves generated. Traditional cleaning is manual cleaning, pipeline cleaning companies add chemicals used, belong to the class of sulfuric acid.

   From the tap water to go through a complicated process is not usually considered precipitate precipitate was filtered disinfected finished thing. And unsolicitedWater is to go through the factory inspection, factory inspection every component of every day. Water is related to peoples livelihood projects, in which the Government is not the effect of. If the water is not clean, I do not know what the water clean.

   water companies are state-owned, others bother to explain. 100% safe domestic water directly to drink. Others have long said that just did not vigorously promote Bale. Of course not taste good because chemical added a lot of things but drink it certainly did not affect in it just smells bad. Abroad is not the same. In order to profit-driven private sector doing wicked things are not unusual.


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