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at 10:00 on November 5 in the morning, Zhejiang Viessmann Heating Technology Co., Ltd. factory opening ceremony of the new product launch was held, this is Viessmanns second large-scale factories in China, Zhejiang Pinghu factory as a starting point, Viessmann is creating new industry miracle.


Germany Viessmann Group President Martin Viessmann (ProfessorDr.MartinViessmann), CEO of Maxi Fishman (MaxmilianViessmann), general manager of Zhejiang Fishman Heating Technology Co., Ltd. Bierman ( RalphBiermann), general manager of Beijing Fishman heating technology Co., Ltd. An Weijie (AndrejJautze) on behalf of Fishman invited Vice Mayor Chen Qun Wei Pinghu, Pinghu zone leaders and partners, Viessmann core distribution partners and local staff and so all guests to visit the site, join the festivities to witness the opening ceremony of the new factory cum Fishman new product launches. In addition, inside and outside the media industry representatives to participate in witness this historic moment.




cultivating the Chinese market, combined with new production and research facility to scale the peak sales


Germany Fishman established in Pinghu contains two parts, factory production and R & D , respectively, it covers an area of 鈥嬧€?2,500 square meters and 17,000 square meters. The first phase of the production phase may have reached an annual output of 110,000 units, boiler supply products for the Chinese and international markets. After complete production line expansion, it will have a production capacity of up to 300,000 units, providing 180 local jobs.


and R & D Group, the fourth part of R & D centers in the world, it is also the first seat usage "directional" R & D product development centers based on regional climate and local users. According to Bierman, general manager of introduction of the R & D center will take full account of Chinas climatic conditions, based on Chinese consumer demand, focus set his sights on China and Southeast Asian markets, research and development for the regions products and intelligent technology. The center contains four system test bed, 16 automatic stability and durability test bench and an industrial project product testing area, Viessmann will produce more close to life, to meet consumer demand for products factory in Pinghu.


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meet consumer upgrades, new product innovation to enhance the home experience


In the opening scene, two were built exhibition area for guests to visit, they experience zone is home environment as well as new product display area. The Chinese family Viessmann common kitchen, living room and bathroom dramatic reduction in the field, and with the corresponding product in each space can provide a true reference experience for the guests come to visit, authentic feel Fez Man product is made of the contribution of space at home. New product display area placed under import Viessmann condensing boiler, solar energy, and new heat pump into the Chinese market, to warm the pipe and water purification products in this area can intuitively feel Viessmann well-built R & D results. On-site staff with the behavior of the guests to explain the performance of their products, ideas. Next to the new water purifier products, cup of black tea after a water purifier filter into pure water is colorless and odorless, with a glass of staff on-site tasting cup of tea with a filter out of pure water, attracted media camera flash continuously.




16993銕?pinghu factory covers an area (approximately 26 acres), total building area 12540銕? The rotating ring assembly U advanced, intelligent vehicle assembly, the burner detector, the high pressure detector and other equipment into China, formed modern production line. Mr. Bierman speech in order to meet the expressed needs of the Chinese market, Viessmann Group in Pinghu district of Jiaxing City, the construction of the new plant, will produce condensation, ordinary type, heating and hot water heating dual-use and single-type boiler, the to meet market demand until 2035.


hundred years practicing climate protection, Viessmann Pinghu development and create a new benchmark


In 2011, Viessmann Group won the "2011 Best Sustainable Development Award for Sustainable Germany categories brand development "award. "German Sustainability Award" is an initiative of the German Prize Foundation for sustainable development, the German federal government, sustainable development council, the Association Council between industry and research institutions of social organizations held together. The award recognizes Since 2008, product and brand and economic development, social responsibility and environmental protection coordination of business, a total of 700 companies participated in the contest this year.


Thereafter, Viessmann Youyi strategic sustainable development projects "efficiency first", the Group received the "Sustainable Development of German Global Energy Award" once again proved that Fishman has been a strong become a model of best practices for sustainable development of the global enterprise. The awardItem issued by the Austrian Global Energy Foundation, and is considered the worlds most prestigious environmental awards. The project and two-thirds reduction of carbon dioxide emissions of fossil fuel consumption more than 80%. Viessmann this case shows, it would be able to achieve energy and climate policy goals of the German federal government to develop the 2050.


Fishman came from Germany to China to develop, not only by virtue of its high-end quality, innovative thinking, the more the mind is never forgotten concept of environmental protection, sustainable development is easier said than done, Viessmann by the pace of a century of unremitting practice again this core purpose to consumers, the future will produce more environmentally friendly products as the foundation of the factory in Pinghu, create a comfortable living space for the next generation!

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