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  [Tim] net small class of small water filter cartridge University asked: Tim net water purification Views: 899 Published: 2019-5-22 17:27:21 function is to filter raw water filter early, intercepting large particles of 5 microns or more , eliminate the coarse particle impurities, rust sediment, organic pollutants, colloids, suspended substances in water and the like. What role at all levels of water purifier filter have? The following small series to integrated water purifier filter related articles, look at it! 銆愭伂鍑€灏忚鍫傘€戝噣姘村櫒灏忔护鑺ぇ瀛﹂棶 At present a large amount of fresh water resources are man-made pollution, even after the water treatment company, it is still difficult to be assured with so many families in our lives will buy a water purifier to purify the impurities in the water, so we will be safe to use, so the net water filter cartridge can clean it? Water purifier filter can be used how long? How to replace the water purifier filter it? These problems have been plaguing many users. Today to give us uncover the mystery. What is the role of all levels of filter water purifier? In the early water purifier, a single cartridge filter is more common, but not completely remove this filtering contaminants from water, and the rapid accumulation of contaminants, greatly reduced filter life, poor purification. To avoid the above problems, a water purifier using four to six filter combination, on the one hand to enhance the purification effect, on the other hand to extend filter life. A small amount of water purifier what is the reason? Due to filter or limit the use of permeable membranes have, preferably after use, wash machine regularly and timely replacement of a filter, ensure clean. When using less water production will be reduced and water deterioration and other problems. How often to change a water purifier filter replacement factor if the source of water purifier used more impurities, that cartridge filtration pressure is enormous, more impurities will affect the quantity and quality of health.

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