Yard baby can drink boiled water it
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   yard baby can drink boiled water it? Some mothers are very concerned about this issue. Small series to introduce.




looked at a lot of the best Baoma said the newborn baby is drinking water, you can detox before but not life !!! I was born after the baby nurse said six hours can give he fed something! I asked to drink boiled water it? people are not quiz! drink too much water will rise in jaundice !!! Baoma who you think it is to drink boiled water or drink it? to answer this question, Xiao Bian query the safety of drinking water a small knowledge base.


In general, still months baby breastfeeding, the nurse said no additional watering can. But if the weather conditions, or high body temperatures but also to the baby baby multi-point boiled water. Bottle and spoon can be, if the baby bottle can choose not resist the bottle. Three times a day: getting up in the morning, afternoon bath, one hour before going to sleep every night 2-3 spoon on it.


If the baby is exclusively breastfed for four months or less is no need to drink water, because breast milk contains a lot of moisture in it, if it is a formula-fed baby should be adequate to feed the baby a drink of water of.


how to drink boiled water to be healthy


raw water contains a lot of bacteria, and various impurities, detrimental to human health. So when people are drinking water will be boiling, so that we can properly kill some of the bacteria in the water, or is detrimental ingredients. But for how much water the degree burn can drink this issue, many people do not know. Just as long as you can drink the water to a boil. Xiao Bian remind you: but this view is not entirely correct.


According to family drinking small Knowledge Introduction: After boil water can indeed eliminate some substances harmful to human health. But when the water boiled, we must continue to boil for three minutes in which the human body can be detrimental content of halogenated hydrocarbons and chloroform decreased rapidly. This water is beneficial to human health. If the water contains other impurities may be eliminated by the use of home water purifier clean, to ensure safety of drinking water.




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