Overnight water hazards
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   What is the harm of water overnight? What are the risks? Faced with this problem, Xiao Bian also collected some information overnight tap water is harmful to the human body. Below on to the next.


At present, my countrys living standards are high, the requirements are in good health, physical and mental health, especially when we have to face every day tap water, but also to pay attention to the quality of tap water. So how tap water was safe to drink it? You should buy a home water purifier will have better it? Where is the harm in water overnight it?


Water hazards:


1 by the chlorine disinfection of water, but that does not make health indicators of tap water to drinking water standards, water or there will be more microorganisms. Basic boiling can kill these microorganisms.


2. Chlorine disinfection have chlorine in tap water and other harmful residual chlorides. Most of these will break down harmful substances volatile boil.


3. The water conveying pipe does not reach the standard of drinking water, likely to cause pollution during transportation.


4. Tap water is not strictly limited, water quality is not good enough, microorganisms and other indicators are generally not satisfactory, not satisfactory even after the water treatment plant.


How can the public be assured of water to drink?


First, the need to protect water sources, and its essence is to protect the environment, from the practical point of view, environment has become increasingly harsh, difficult to guarantee the quality of natural water sources;


Second, strict the implementation of "drinking water health standards", which involves the issue of inputs. But in fact, while the tap water has not been a corresponding increase in water charges while it is increasing, the cost of the water is to become the puzzle;


Third, the detection means by a third party, and with the in the most severe penalties;


Fourth, the passing rate of tap water should always be open. Looking at the domestic, how many people do not drink tap water for 20 years? How many people can ensure that their drinking water is clean? I am afraid that in addition to "special for the unit", to other people, it is a matter of belonging to the fantasy.


described above is small series of hazards on the water overnight, for water for health hazards, we pay more attention, more drinking to do in this little knowledgeNetwork, please continue to focus on this site other sections.




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