Strengthen the operating system water purifi electricity sup
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   In recent years, with the development of the Internet, especially e-commerce development in full swing, many enterprises have to step onto the electronic business platform to seek more long-term development. In the past 2015, Lynx Mall 91.2 billion of good news encouraging all businesses. Today, water purifier enterprises in order to obtain a more long-term development, we need to strengthen the operating system.




to strengthen the operating system water purifier electricity supplier before successfully landing (Photo from Internet)

   First, the two-lane model can be collapsed

   question now facing the line under the line of confrontation, in fact, reflects the contradiction between water purifier enterprise sector electricity providers online and traditional distribution system. Pure low-cost online business platform is challenging the traditional retail channel high price strategy. When the water purifier business for sale in a purely online business platform, it would face price difference between online and offline problems, which can only be sold at a lower with the traditional channels of different products. This form of online and offline products and prices are differentiated "parallel development" electric business development strategy. The two-wire how breaking up, will determine the future direction of development of electronic business water purifier business.

   Second, the problems existing wire mode

   At present four-wire mode has the following problems.

   1, the line of traditional distribution system because interests are affected complain even protest. That is the contradiction between the contradiction between traditional distribution and water purifier, the traditional distributors and electricity supplier will continue to increase. If the line at the mall to ask: Are you this product line did not sell and youll hear the sound of a wide variety of product lines to belittle the issue from the dealer from the Purchasing Guide to the other side?.

   2, is a low-cost strategy line disturbed the original water purifier price system. Online, Lynx kept calling water purifier prices. So water purifier to sell online, you must be low-cost, otherwise there is no competition. Like this broke the original price system.

   3, water purifier industry sales have to be supported under the line, including the sales and distribution installations, as these services (if custom words, further comprising measuring a former sales). But if it is the "dual mode", online sales are not supported by the next line.

   4, is seriously affecting the strategic positioning of the brand water purifier. Water purifier should be positioned with the line of the line is not the same. In this case, water purifier in the course of businessThe positioning becomes two, the next line of a line. To do so from the perspective of the strategy for water purification, or from the level of implementation of the strategy, we will encounter a lot of trouble.

   Third, the development of the Internet is correct

   The industry believes that the water purifier on the development of electronic business, more should do is how to use the Internet technology to enhance their core competitiveness. This is called the water purifier of the Internet. It includes how conduct Internet-based reengineering of sale terminals, to enhance the end-user experience; to create an integrated online and offline distribution system; how to build online and offline integration of the business processes.

   Of course, the Internet-based development of these water purifiers are only just beginning, it is hard to say that they have succeeded. But they have seen the prototype. This is the right direction, the industry has developed to reflect the direction of pure online sellers of electricity supplier, has begun to develop a multi-dimensional direction, towards a more realistic, more attuned to the needs of the development of water purifier, better able to address consumer demand direction to develop.

   "two-mode" Internet address only part of the sales cycle, but behind the entire water purification system operator whether the gene is the key to the Internet to solve the problem of electricity supplier.

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