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  Tim net water purification: "hidden" in quality of: Tim net water purification Views: 692 Published: 2016-5-20 12:03:32 鎭噣鍑€姘达細姘磋川涓嬬殑鈥滈殣蹇р€? width= At present, the amount of water supply Jinhua City in Zhejiang already saturated, and The second water plant completed and put into production soon. This week is the first 25 "Urban Water Conservation Awareness Week," Tim net water purification equipment Xiao Bian learned from the Ministry of Water Resources, water quality despite Jinhua, unlike the Midwest so serious, but the shortage of water resources has become Jinhua of a sore point, and this point is almost pain is the city water short board. Efforts to save water needs of all. 2100 cubic meters per capita water resources in Jinhua, seasonal water shortages, lack of water and water pollution, already a constraint on sustainable economic and social development of all cities, including Jinhua, including. Jinhua City in the past three years the amount of water is rising. In total urban water supply in 2013 78.348 million tons in 2014 increased to 81.722 million tons, 85.732 million tons in 2015 became. The highest daily water supply is also rising. Highest daily water supply by 2013 appears in the Aug. 9 that year, reaching 281,000 tons; the highest water supply in 2015 took place in June 27, reaching 290,100 tons. Jinhua City, the largest source of water supply - Golden Bay water plant daily water supply of about 300,000 cubic meters, that is, the amount of water supply is nearing saturation. "If the high summer temperatures, drought more days, it is likely to Golden Bay water overload." Jinhua City Bureau of Water Resources Water Administration Director Shao Yinghao said. In order to solve the contradiction between supply and demand of water resources, Jinhua has been in the construction of safe water to the second reservoir, is expected to put into operation in June and July this year, waterworks construction scale of 250,000 m3 / day. By then two-way high-quality water from the reservoir and Andi Sha Jinlan Reservoir, will ease the increasingly serious urban summer peak water pressure. In addition to water shortages, man-made damage can not be ignored. Located in the Golden West Jiufeng reservoir, also an alternate source of drinking water in Jinhua city. No part of the public awareness of water conservation often to swim and fish reservoir, water quality impact of small things, drowning out everything big. Tim net household water purifiers appeal to the majority of law-abiding citizens, and establish water conservation and environmental awareness, qualified city residents do.

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