Water purifier is a good choice of electricity ono electcity
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   HC purification network believe a lot of friends in the purchase of a home water purifier will take into account a very important the problem is that water purifiers have to power it? electricity electricity good or not good? the reason why consumers consider this issue because there is a lot of water purifier brand all points of electricity and without electricity Two types, the question naturally arises, electricity water purifier is good or not good electricity let me together with you to analyze below it

   method / 1?!:

   we analyzed the advantages and disadvantages of the two types of water purifiers:

   method / step 2:

   power purifier disadvantages:

   this type of water purification , a reverse osmosis purifier typically, in the process of purifying water must be used to power. Such a system can be of high purity water.

   Advantages: High precision filtration, to remove the water of harmful substances, but also the effect of sterilization.

   Disadvantages: the power can not work, and waste water generated during use.

   Method / Step 3:

   no electricity purifier disadvantages

   When such a water purifier filter does not require electricity water, is filtered through its own pressure water the filtration accuracy is not high, but the filter will be relatively large amount.

   Advantages: does not require electricity, does not produce waste water, a greater amount of filtration.

   Cons: Small water pressure at home will be very slow, so be careful when choosing home water pressure.


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