Why did not seem to wash the initial use of soft water feell
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  Why did not seem to wash the initial use of soft water feel slippery clean? Time: After the whole house water purification equipment used for bathing 2019-01-12 14:12:20 little friend is soft water. However, because most people are first-time, always feel slippery after use, does not seem to clean, which is what causes it? First, what is popular in terms of soft water, raw water is the removal of calcium and magnesium ions is called soft water. So, we have not removed is called hard water. Less likely to occur with soft soap scum, hard water and vice versa. Second, the role of a soft water, soft white skin pure clean water softener is a woman to share the beauty, soft water bath can not only eliminate the pores of the skin, making the skin smooth, delicate, and good moisturizing effect, it is the best way to keep the skin soft white. 2, with soft hair soft after bathing hair softer and bright, no Kuse, let your spirit of joy. 3, new clothes as rich soft foam laundry, help maintain the status quo clothes, the clothes will also become more fluffy, beautiful and bright, white, and durable. 4, the environment beautiful face towel no longer black, harden. Soft water for washing dishes, tea crystal clear. Bathtub and bright as new, no stains, spots. Concealed conduit clogging. 5, household equipment fouling not make soft toilet, sink, bathtub yellow no fouling, odor, no shower head white scale apertures, unimpeded flow. Soft water boiler or water heater, etc. can make home-related equipment maintenance times significantly reduced life expectancy more than doubled water heaters, water heaters, gas and electricity costs by 29% -32%, household water pipes installed in interior walls without fouling, without blocking . Third, why feel slippery after bathing, did not seem clean? 1, there are slippery feeling on the right are relatively high hardness municipal water bath and some friends have been using, the initial use soft water will wash clean creamy feel, do not fight him feel very slippery soap, and this feeling not wash clean, in fact it is completely clean skin and hair feeling. The reason: Rinse with soft water can make the skin and hair from soap scum compaction supplement natural moisture, make the skin more smooth, slippery feel of this description water softeners really work, but the initial use of hard water soft water are used to some do not adapt to it. 2, this is the real clean and we usually feel washed with tap water, hand Dry howling, thought it was so clean foam, they do not. The reason is that the water inside the removal of calcium and magnesium ions did not stay in the hands, blocking the calcium and magnesium ions in the pores, There is no slippery feeling. Wipe dry, water the calcium and magnesium ions will handle dry. So, do not rub the cream on hand will feel very dry. After using water softeners, removes calcium and magnesium ions, calcium and magnesium ions are no longer skin, rinse foam, but also slippery hands, not wipe skin care products will not dry hands. The use of soft water is the trend! In fact, European and American developed countries, people, especially women, have 80 years of experience soft water. End of the last century, the concept of family is introduced domestic soft water treatment, currently in Beijing, Shanghai and other coastal cities, the pursuit of quality of life more and more fashion people, especially young women, to accept the idea of 鈥嬧€媠oftening the water, and by home water softener installation, so you can enjoy high-quality soft water every day, except to protect their delicate skin, but also to ensure that the skin health of all family members. In addition, the skin is the bodys largest organ, although the body organs of a protective barrier, but it is also harmful substances into another major thoroughfare in the human body, water, arsenic, lead and heavy metals, chlorine, organic pollutants and other harmful substances are also It will penetrate through the pores of the skin into the body, and the absorption rate is very alarming. So, let raw water purification, softening skin care is not only a key, let no opportunity of pollutants into the human body.

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