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With the improvement of peoples living standards, the requirements for drinking water are more stringent, and therefore came into being all kinds of water purifiers, water purification, health benefits, and even a lot of play-ionized water purifier, weak alkaline, water, health and other slogans, water purifier really propaganda that "God"? Reporter survey found that the water purifier market was mixed, worrying after-sales service, and some water purifier from a small workshop, installation, sale and cut corners, shoddy, can easily cause leaks, the water quality of secondary pollution.


water purifier cohabitation large price difference


August 9 and 10, two days, the reporter visited the major appliance stores found in the city center, water purification variety, and some called water purifier machine, some called straight drink machine, water machine also called. The price from several hundred dollars to ten thousand dollars. In a small market, there are a number of small brands sell water purifiers, ranging in price from two hundred to thirty-four thousand dollars.


Sun in the water purifier industry for many years, the interview, he told reporters, water purification industry was mixed, big brand quality assurance, very formal. But small manufacturers also small workshops aimed at businesses, knockoff, free-ride and other counterfeit products abound, not only shoddy, profiteering, but also there are many security risks.


The total leakage was originally a water purifier accessories shoddy


a public water purification equipment Ms. Ma installed two years ago, but this year the total problem, it just leaks repair three or four times. A few thousand dollars to buy a water purifier not as easy to use a water dispenser, for this phenomenon, Mr. Sun told reporters that at present, the water industry is another chaos manufacturers or large distributors in the product installation and after-sales service discount, shoddy installation of spare parts, after-sales service is not in place, resulting in leakage of water purification products, secondary pollution of water and so frequently.


Yesterday, Ms. Ma Sun to see where the problem occurs, said Mr. Sun, water purifiers and out of the water pipe connection quality is poor, so accessories can easily leak occurred. Product interface without clips, resulting in increased waste water produced, resulting in waste of resources. "As a rule, the filter replaced every six months, our brand was $ 50 a cartridge, but once the cost of installation work on-site service is much higher than this, sometimes dealers in order to save costs, not on time for the consumer to replace the filter, this will cause secondary pollution of water, might as well not installed. "Mr. Sun said.


Beauty health drink too much water purifiers propaganda "excesses"


Shihai reporter survey found that, in order to seize the market, some businesses play weakly alkaline, active and so the concept of health, and even "cosmetic", "freckle" and other publicity is also not uncommon, in order to attract the attention of consumers. Some residents in the small ads posted inside the building, as well as businesses play healthy water cure signs.


interview, the reporter learned that the water purification products currently on the market are mainly two types of water purifier, simple filtration through ultrafiltration; the other is pure water, reverse osmosis principle removing contaminants from water part of the impurities, and further water purification, odor removal, to effect direct consumption. From the price, said water purifier priced at tens of dollars to several thousand dollars, while the pure water price is slightly expensive, ranging from a few hundred to a million. "Whether it is water purification machines, or pure water, water purification effect is to achieve multi-lower its PH value, changing the water quality, failed to reach treatment, cosmetic effect." One industry source told reporters.


to buy can ask to see the inspection report aftermarket accessories


During the interview, a staff member of the City Consumer Protection Committee, told reporters that consumers in the purchase, you can view the water purifier is there a mandatory standard 3C certification of household appliances, as well as wading health permits this document, the international quality management system certification, test report may require dealers to provide authorities if necessary. The most critical is the water purifier filter, the filter is not better, it is important that the filter material itself. The staff warned consumers also pay attention to the market declared cartridge 3:00 to Buy - 5 years do not change, often exaggerated, because the filter is conventional consumables need to be replaced periodically. Water purifier installation and after-sales service is critical when choosing a water purifier, depending on the brand has no professional installation of after-sales service team, for example, whether professionals on a regular basis to replace the filter, regular cleaning, maintenance, disinfection. In the aftermarket must be in strict accordance with product instructions, routine maintenance, regular cleaning, often necessary to replace the material of the device, periodically replace the filter. He reminded the public that some businesses in order to save costs in the service shoddy, reuse old parts, so when the sales staff on-site service, we must look at whether the product packaging intact, dry, and keep to replace the lost zero accessories.



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