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  Zhengzhou domestic water price increases of: Tim net water purification Views: 591 Published: 2015-12-25 15:20:22 Zhengzhou December 23 issued a "city centralized water supply price adjustments implementation details," rules it clear that, the fine tuning of Zhengzhou water, domestic water, the increase of 0.2 yuan / cubic meter. The first step in water less than 180 square meters, the basic price 3.10 yuan, 0.65 yuan sewage treatment fee, water costs 0.35 yuan, the comprehensive water price is 4.10 yuan / cubic meter. A second step in water in the range of 181 to 300 cubic meters, up 0.2 yuan per cubic meter adjusted to 5.65 yuan / cubic meter. The third step, more than 301 cubic meters of annual water consumption, comprehensive water price adjusted to 10.30 yuan / cubic meter in November, Zhengzhou comprehensive water price is 3.90 yuan per square meter, the basic water and wastewater fee has not changed, but the rising cost of water 2 hair. It raised the living water, domestic water non-residents also raised the basic price 4.15 yuan, 0.80 yuan sewage treatment fee, water costs 0.40 yuan, non-resident domestic water is adjusted to 5.35 yuan per cubic meter. Rise in the cost of water is also regulated. Tim net water purifier was informed that this adjustment, leave two special water industry, these two sectors are bathing and washing, which is the larger of the two water industry, which may require higher fees.

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