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As the water purifier gradually into millions of households, water purifiers become hot pet home appliance. However, due to the lack of a unified national standard of water purification, water purification industry chaos, the type of water purifier brand variety, made a pile, also imports a lot, cottage of the city, made bad everywhere. So how is the water purifier to clean water for the purpose of qualifying it? It depends on whether the water purifier adhere to grasp the "three off" the.


First, the production shut


high-quality products from strict production. Good grasp of the relations of production, is the first link in the quality of the water purifier. In an increasingly competitive market, product homogeneity 2020-06-05, manufacturers have to have R & D capability, a factory production advantages; continuous research and development to produce the best-selling product needs of the market. Production base, there are approved by the National Health Service of Health this document, the production on the assembly line to meet national standards.


Second, the technical shut


science and technology are primary productive forces, technology determines whether a key product lead times. The current water quality is deteriorating, a simple water purification process, such as adding bleach in tap water, it has been unable to remove the harmful substances in water. So different times, water purification technology is also increasing demands. Charm is still always at the forefront of water purification industry, the use of membrane technology, reverse osmosis, activated carbon technology and so on, which are produced by the water purifier can effectively remove harmful substances in water, fully functional fully in line with the times demand.


Third, the effect OFF


The effect of good and bad water purifier, a water purifier is qualified or standard. If you buy a water purifier no effect, equal to continue to drink contaminated water, such as water purifiers whats the use? Water purifier must "improve water quality for the benefit of mankind" as any to international technology standards, production of water purifiers, each are qualified guaranteed, mellow taste of filtered water quality, reputation.


is essentially clean water purifier. But now more and more market produce water purifier manufacturers, in order to win the profits, the name of price tactics, under the guise of imports, so that consumers see heart. However, keep in mind that everything is not for the purpose to clean waterThe water purifier is bullying, you are fooled, water purifier that "three tests" If, however, water is difficult to achieve.

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