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In the water industry, pipeline machine is a "new species" can be said to be the host of the water purifier "perfect match partner", mainly shoulder the morning boil function. This is like drinking water (hot water), and people like to drink tea, it simply is a godsend.


people drank tea may pay attention to, to choose the finest tea Tieguanyin, taste sweet fragrance, and have anti-atherogenic, heat pathogenic fire, solution tired effect. The same attention to water for tea, often in rural life specially went to the mountains to get clear mountain spring water to make tea; in urban life, there is still demand for tea water, specially installed home water purifier, dedicated purified water purifier tea.


but need before tea kettle to boil water and then pick from the water purifier at very convenient for day to drink a pot of several "tea ghost", the machine can save a pipeline and boil water and wait for the water to boil the tedious aspects of home water purifier to do "secondary." After a cup of tea


installed this machine is how convenient method? Read the following this lead still water purifier Features, you can know the twelve.



machine-free line yet collar liner technology, i.e. hot drink, tea kettle boil without reuse. Built-in high-quality quartz tube heating body that can quickly boil water, played a role in sterilization, but also to avoid the oxygen contained in the water evaporation, the loss of mineral elements, fresh water push out more tea flavor!



In addition, yet collar further having a five-speed water purifier water, choose three kinds of water for tea, hot milk powder temperature, have the capacity the ultimate user, can be described as quite intimate. 250ml cuvette, cup 500ml, 750ml mug, to quantitatively without water, without waiting at machine; 5 get a machine stop temperature, 45 deg.] C soak milk, warm water bottle 60 deg.] C, 80 deg.] C coffee, tea 90 鈩? 100 鈩?bubble surface, water needs to meet a variety of people.


In order to avoid inconvenience or up too much room space, yet collar pipeline machine is also in the design ingenuity. The slim wall-mounted design, can be hung on the wall, do not take up extra space. In the kitchen, you can also take advantage of the multi-dimensional space-saving furnishings, with the use of water purifiers, whether or bubble milk tea and so on, very convenient!


If your home has beenWater purifier was installed, also need to adjust the temperature of a good match, then re-install a pipeline chance. Leading Noble pipeline machine, five-speed water three water to choose from, so there is no longer healthy water "temperature difference."

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