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G4-1J 电动巡逻车物业保安街道物业校园治安四轮
    • model: G4-1J G4+2J
    • electric machinery: 48v/5000W-72V/7200W
    • battery: 8个6V/12个6V
    • battery charger: 电脑智能充电机
    • electronic control: 进口交流控制器
    • rear axle: 整体式后桥
    • body size: 3590(长)*1210(宽)*1830(高)mm
    • rated occupant: 6人
    • rated climbing: 15% / 30%
    • maximum driving range: 80-100km

Pearl White


Blackish green

Rose red

Athenian black

Luxury gold color

Engineering yellow

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